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Is Squarespace right for my site?

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Hello all, 

For the past three years, I've run a .com baseball site using WordPress and it has been a good experience. Unfortunately, the switch to "Gutenberg" has unfavorably altered a lot of the content already on the site, and has tilted the experience from joyful to unpleasant-bordering-on-infuriating. I'm kicking the tires on a few other providers, and Squarespace is one that I've heard of many, many times from podcast ads. 

So...there are a few burning topics for me to decide whether or not to choose Squarespace, and if anyone would be willing to help with one or more topics, I would greatly appreciate it. 

1. Templates. My website is kind of an odd duck on today's web. I currently have over 500 individual pages, and would expect to have many more as time goes on. It's almost a Web 1.0 situation with hyperlinks galore, but I use pages to classify the content. It's almost like a database, but my brother (who's a coder) says it's not a database in the formal sense of the word. It looks like a blog, but I never use that term because I do not post blog posts. I make pages and classify them. It's kind of hard to explain, but it works for me and people like the site. The pages are often heavy on text with some images, but it's more like an encyclopedia experience. I rarely embed videos, do not allow comments, do not link to social media, etc. At this stage in my site's construction, I don't sell ads or monetize in any way, though that could be an option down the road. When I started on Wordpress, I literally picked the most basic no-frills template I could find and it's worked well for me. Would it work on Squarespace?

2. Cost. I know there are different packages and promotions, but I'm having a hard time getting a read on what Squarespace would cost me. I have a sweet multi-year deal with Wordpress that expires in December. It's been less than $5 per month. I doubt Squarespace will come close to that, but I'm wondering if it would even be in the ballpark. 

3. Transfer. How easy is it to transfer domain and/or site content from WordPress? Anyone with similar experience? Anything I'm missing after skimming the tutorials and feeling completely overwhelmed?

In short: is Squarespace a good match for me?

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11 hours ago, AlMaFi said:

So...there are a few burning topics for me to decide whether or not to choose Squarespace, and if anyone would be willing to help with one or more topics, I would greatly appreciate it.

If you have a WordPress website and want to move it to Squarespace, there's a guide to help you get started.

1. You'll want to import your "500 individual pages" as "posts" into a Squarespace "Blog" page. They don't need to be blog posts, it's just a term. If you try to add them as individual pages, you'll have issues with the page limits on Squarespace. Whilst in theory you can have up to 1000 pages, it's not a good idea to add more than 400, otherwise the site may load slowly, especially on mobile devices.

2. You can expect Squarespace to cost $18 per month. There's a cheaper plan ($12) but it's too restrictive and I don't recommend it.

3. You can import the following content from WordPress:

  • Attachments
  • Blog pages, blog posts, and authors
  • Categories
  • Comments
  • Individual images
  • Site pages
  • Tags

It isn't possible to import:

  • Plugins
  • Gallery images
  • Image captions
  • Images saved in your Media Library, but not attached to any posts or pages, won't import.
  • Style or CSS

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