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How do I locate the collection ID?



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  1. Right click and View Page Source
  2. Do a find for <body (control - F in Windows or command - F in Mac)
  3. You'll find a line something like this:
    <body id="collection-51c37050e4b0895fa6dc9175" class="collection-type-index homepage view-list">

  4. As you can see, the ID is often the first attribute
  5. In CSS, ID selectors are called with a hash (#) symbol, such as:

Alternatively, when you're in the Squarespace Configuration pages, if you go to the page you'll see the ID in the URL, for example:


You'd then have to add the collection- part back: collection-51c37050e4b0895fa6dc9175

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hi there! I tried to follow this description for locate the page ID, but if i do the right click i can not choose something like page source and in the URL it also does not show me the page ID.Im working on mac.What am i doing wrong or is there any other way to locate it? Tanks for your help!

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On a mac change advanced settings of your browser to show Develop in Menu Bar. Then open the page on browser, go to view source code and there you can find it.

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