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BCC Field in automatic emails?

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Hi all, I've seen a few people ask about how to integrate with platforms that use BCC fields to generate automated follow up emails for site & product reviews without response. I've use Trust Pilot previously to handle reviews as it's very well regarded and trusted by consumers, but without a BCC field in SquareSpace emails it seems impossible to use. 

Has anyone managed to find away around this lack of functionality? Many thanks in advance.  

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BCCs aren't possible. Ideally you need a solution that is designed to work with Squarespace so that it can pull contact details from orders using the Orders API. An example is Delighted, as they have a Squarespace Extension.

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Hi there,

I managed to get the automatic feedback service working with trustpilot (free plan) but it looks like they aren't promoting this method any more. 

I added the following code to the 'order confirmation page' code injection field:

    document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
        const trustpilot_invitation = {
               recipientEmail: '{customerEmailAddress}',
               recipientName: 'Customer',
               referenceId: '{orderId}',
               source: 'InvitationScript',
          tp('createInvitation', trustpilot_invitation);

I have no idea if this will work for you but it's still currently working for me. 


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