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Questions regarding webcam connections and paywalls

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Hi guys. 

I am considering signing up for an account and getting my site online, but I have some questions - to which I didnt see the answers in my initial research. 

I am a teacher, and I teach about half of my classes online, mostly through skype or wechat (a large % of my students are chinese) and I would like to create a site where I can post lesson plans, as well as run classes for groups (or individual students.) 

The group classes would be a few people connected, and i would be able to see all of their cams, while they can all see mine (and perhaps each other too.) 

The "classroom" would be behind a paywall, so only students who have paid for the class (usually in BTC) can access it. The way I do it at the moment is students pay just before I add them to a group chat. 

How easy would it be to get my site up and running? 


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