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Website suddenly disappeared from Google search.

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Site URL: https://www.jesse-heath.com/

Hello All,

My website has always ranked number 1 when you google search my name. About a month ago I removed a few pages from my site (no change to homepage) and my website was completely removed from Google search results. I used Google search console and it showed no errors, no penalty or anything suspect - I requested a re-index - Google has indexed my website but it just doesn't show up in the search results. My site still ranks number one on Bing, AOL, Yahoo, Ask and any other search engine you could think of.


I contacted a developer who says this problem is on Squarespace, Squarespace refused to help and said it wasn't their problem. It's impossible to contact anyone at Google so I'm stuck and not sure at all what to do. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much.

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Hello Jesseboy!

I do a lot of SEO work for photographers on Squarespace so your post caught my eye. There are times when Squarespace is the issue but honestly that is pretty rare. In general unless you've turned off indexing for search engines, Google and others will be able to get through your Squarespace site without issue.

I ran a scan of your name without any localization and it was showing up at position 23 (page three, position 3) on a Google desktop search and position 21 (page three, position 1) for a Google mobile search. So it is showing up and it is indexed. I also checked the 18 pages on the website and 15 of them are indexed and cached on Google. So we can say that the problem isn't that Google isn't seeing the site.

If you made a lot of changes to the website (regardless if the homepage was untouched), Google will often pull back a bit. It often happens with redesigns and CMS changes. If you only have a few pages on the website, changing a large % of the content can cause this too. I suspect Google algorithms saw the changes and are trying to see what the fallout will be. 

I suspect that your ranking for your name is primarily being driven from your backlink profile, which is really good. You have a lot of nice links pointing to your site with anchor text that is your name. So that part is good. Without seeing what changed, it's hard for me to make any assumptions or recommendations. I know that my views as an SEO run contrary to the artistic side of photography website design, lol. Google needs text content to really understand, categorize, and rank your site and so I would be one to recommend providing a robust page about you with a fair amount of content. But I understand and appreciate the aesthetic you are going for. It will just be more of an uphill battle from an SEO perspective.

Hope that helps..let me know if you have any further questions!

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