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How do you deal with partially fulfilled orders?


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How do you deal with partial shipments? I have some items coming from Printful, and some items I am fulfilling myself. In this case, how do you notify the customer about partial shipments and tracking? 


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Same issue.  Ideally I'd like another drop down option so I can hide some orders until I know that product is in, and then select this new drop down category to only view those orders. (pending, fulfilled, cancelled, +(______).  

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this is a gross limitation of Squarespace. you can't even mark an order as partially fulfilled, something you're able to do in other e-commerce platforms. i really wish Squarespace will get their act together and make their Commerce plans more up to par with other e-commerce platforms. i read the other day they just raised $600 million -- wish they'd put even a small fraction of that into fixing a lot of what's lacking in the Commerce plans: manual order creation, partial fulfillment, ability to delete customer accounts ourselves, manual gift card creation, better discounting, pick-up/cash on delivery option, bundling, item-specific tax, fixing the subscription feature, and a host of other essential features that so many have been asking for here on the forums but have gone largely ignored for years despite logging feature requests.

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