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How to change product image gallery for mobile only

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Site URL: https://www.cherrycouture.co.uk/sample-sale

I achieved my desired effect of having a sticky product description, this effect only looks good with a stacked image gallery. However i do not wish to have a stacked image gallery for the mobile site, i wish to have the slideshow as it has a stronger reading for the audience when on mobile site. I haven't found a specific code that can change the product gallery just for mobile. If anyone can have a look and see if they can have a code that can help this. If you like the sticky product description let me know i can send you the code. Thanks

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this is the desktop version and has a stacked gallery which is what i want


this the mobile version but i don't want the gallery to be stacked, i want it to be a slideshow.

A code for the variation when the media screen is on mobile for it to be a slideshow would be great.

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