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Mobile side scroll issue

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Site URL: https://www.theraplant.com/

I've noticed that in all of the Squarespace sites (7.0 and 7.1) I've designed there is a design issue that allows one to scroll laterally on mobile. I'm no expert designer and I'm hoping this is a simple fix that I'm overlooking. I've attached an image of an exaggerated example of this issue. Ideally the mobile view will be fixed and no lateral scrolling will be possible...




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Gotcha, it's not a huge thing to have to deal with. Thanks for the response!

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Must depend on the phone's Operating system. I can lateral "scroll" to previous page on my browser, but I cannot lateral scroll any page of the site itself using Android unless the site has a slideshow or something that works horizontally. If it is the phone's OS, that is out of Squarespace's control. 

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