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Can anyone please tell me how I remove the .Squarespace from my URL slug?

At the moment it reads '(my website).squarespace.com' but I just want it to say '(my website).com.'

(I'm not 'live' at the moment but will be soon).


Many thanks.



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You need to register a custom domain with squarespace if you have not done that already or if you have one with a third party you need to point it at your site. Either way its done thu settings, domains, get a domain or use one that I own.  A new custom domain is free for a year with a new SS site. Here  is some helpful info about SS domains. 


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Hi Derrickrandom,


Thank you for your reply.


I have already registered a domain with Squarespace. I also spoke to them directly and they have answered my question; they said the '.squarespace' part of my URL is only visible when I'm in edit mode. All other times it will read as I want to.

Thanks once again.



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