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7.1 Template inconsistencies and issues

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I am building a site for a new podcast and chose a "starting point template" I thought looked great, but now I'm having issues with it that I've never experienced on 7.1 before.

When I try to create a new page and select a page template, it is not using the default White Minimal section theme. Instead, it is using "Black Minimal" and I can't even understand what a page template looks like. When the page is created, all the sections use the "Black Minimal" section theme.

I cannot seem to find a way to select a default section theme, which is something I could have sworn was in 7.1, but maybe I'm mistaken. Either way, I do not understand why it would default to "Black Minimal" and not let me change this. IT IS INFURIATING!

In order to get rid of this, I would have to create a new site and start from scratch, which I'm almost ready to do at this point, otherwise I'm going to start punching my couch pillows in rage.

Any help on this would be appreciated. I'm hoping to get this podcast launched next week.







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UPDATE UPDATE!! The Squarespace app still allows you to change the default theme. Site Styles > Colours > Site Theme Amazing.

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With this problem, try contacting Squarespace Customer Care first.

You can send your question to my email to get faster answer. / How to Setup Password & Share URL 

-- I'm Tuan, work for a non-profit project (build free libraries). I check the forum once or twice a day to help out the community. If you don't see me answering your question, you can send it to the email above. 

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It seems to make a difference with what theme you begin with. I began with Crosby (mostly dark grey), and even though I've changed everything to white I still have the Dark theme when I create new pages. It's most annoying with respect to pages that Squarespace creates (shopping cart, order confirmation pages etc). Not to mention my whole site has this dark grey background even when all the section backgrounds are white (most noticeable on mobiles when you scroll beyond the page limit)

My workaround was to identify the default theme (in my case Dark Minimal), then make sure I wasn't using this theme anywhere and then changed and matched every setting to White Minimal. This has corrected the problem. 

But it is pretty ridiculous that I had to do this. 

The colour management in Squarespace is absolutely terrible. I actually had to make a list on what section theme I applied and to what specific item. And that rubbish Color Palette functionality they probably spent ages developing? What is that? To use that you would have to trust how Squarespace are going to apply colours. And I don't. I cant even change a default theme colour. 

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