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API problem with Shipstation & SS update

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We were prompted to reconnect our Shipstation account and Squarespace store on 1st August 2020. Ever since our orders are pulling through to our fulfillment company, James & James, incorrectly. Orders are usually pulled from Squarespace > Shipstation > James & James, and have been working for years absolutely fine.  But now discounts are showing in James & James as a line item, i.e. a product, which is stopping the order being pulled through to James & James.

Squarespace (who updated on 1st August, the only change), Shipstation and James & James have all come up blank with any help. Does anyone know what might be causing the problem and a possible solution to this?


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I am also having a similar problem... here to listen to any solution.

Shipstation has escalated to their developers but they have yet to get back with any solution

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I'm also having problems with ShipStation and Square Space.  My store is not able to update and repopulate orders needing to be fulfilled.  I disconnected and reconnected like I was told to, but nothing seems to be working. My ShipStation seemed glitchy on Thursday, but now nothing seems to be communicating.  ShipStation says it's a problem with SquareSpace, but nothing I've done seems to be fixing the issue. 

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Did anyone find resolution to this issue? One of my clients is still having problems with the integration and is increasingly frustrated–rightfully so. Just trying to determine if it's just on the Shipstation or Squarespace side. Thanks!

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Perhaps the following post may help.


Hello I'm Thomas. I've been getting websites up and running for 26 years. I want to help you at whatever level meets your needs, from as little (if you're a DIYer) to as much as you need.

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