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All my content randomly mass disappeared throughout my site

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Site URL: http://www.sidneysalvador.com

Has anyone ever had issues with all your content in your blocks (text and images) randomly mass disappearing throughout your entire site?

Everything was working perfectly fine last night and this morning it all disappeared.

Is there a way to recover all my content without having to redo the entire site?

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Yesterday, one photo and a gallery disappeared on my site as well. Right after I launched it making it seem like I did not have all the shit together before the launch. My website is password protected (it's an online portfolio) so it can't be because images aren't legitimate.

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Experiencing this as well. Reached out to customer care and they sent it up to an advanced solutions team. They're incredibly slow in response, however, so I decided to reinsert all my content in again since I have to have my site up and running within the week. I'll provide updates if they ever get back to me. Extremely frustrating.

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