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How do I charge multiple taxes?

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Site URL: https://www.heybabyhandmade.com/online

Is there a way to charge different tax rates for different items? We sell baby and children's items in Ontario, Canada, and some items are only subject to 5% tax while others are subject to the full 13% HST. As of right now, all items that I sell on the website must be charged the same tax rate, therefore, I cannot list my full inventory. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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5 hours ago, BrookeL said:

Is there a way to charge different tax rates for different items?

I appreciate how frustrating it is to discover this. Unfortunately there just isn’t a workaround using Squarespace Commerce features right now. The tax management simply can’t cope with this (and many other) situations yet.

In Squarespace you cannot set sales tax on a per-product basis. If that's something that you must have, Squarespace is not suitable for you. There are no workarounds that would allow you to do this whilst using the Squarespace Commerce features. If you need this feature, you may want to consider another platform, such as Shopify. An alternative is to embed Shopify Buy Buttons on Squarespace. This way you can keep the Squarespace site and design but use Shopify’s ecommerce features for the sales, shipping and tax management. If it helps, I wrote a guide about using Shopify with Squarespace. 


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