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User deleted and reactived - GSuite Drive gone?

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I have erroneously deleted one of my Gsuite users (He already used mail and Drive storage). Then I have added the user again as new user with the same name and same recovery email adress.

But I have seen that the shared content in Google Drive is gone now.

I tried the recovery on GSuite, but no result.

The user did not yet fully active the new user account (Gsuite says  "Active (Added recently" and "Hasn´t signed in"), and Data 0.0 GB.

What is the best way to get the data (Drive, Gmail) back?




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Best way is through G Suite: you can restore recently deleted users. The path is:

user > add a filter > restore deleted users > restore 

Be careful as you need to delete first the recreated users, otherwise you have a name crash. 

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