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Google search not returning my site in results

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Site URL: https://www.thewholealchemist.com

Hi all,

First post here. I've been having trouble understanding how Google searches for my site name when typing in just the site words separated by spaces as opposed the the actual URL. Typing in site:Https://www.thewholealchemist.com returns pages as indexed by Google so I know something is working but I don't know what I'm missing. Is it purely SEO management that is lacking to rank my site or something else? Still learning about SEO best practices and a long way off getting better ranking but would really appreciate your guys insights.



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How old is the domain? It's all about the hits. Good SEO is far from instantaneous. Takes time for it to work, and its more about your site coming up based on content as much or more as the domain name.  As an  example, I typed in  The Whole Alchemist in google search and your domain did not come up in the results. I typed "vegetarian diet and coaching the whole alchemist" and this came up at the top of the google search results it was item number one. Now you want the SEO and google to start finding you, get as many firends and family ans you can to type what I typed into the google search field, soon your domain will be found quickly.  

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