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Problem with robots.txt!

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Site URL: https://klikblicvijesti.info/

Hello everybody
I have a problem with a "mysterious" robots.txt file. It’s mysterious for the reason that I didn’t even create it however it appears and creates a problem for me in indexing my page by Google. When I enter the File Manager of my site I can't find robots.txt anywhere. It blocks my ads and I don't know how to remove it. Here is the contents of that robots.txt: User-Agent: *
Allow: / ads / preferences /
Allow: / gpt /
Allow: /pagead/show_ads.js
Allow: /pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js
Allow: /pagead/js/*/show_ads_impl.js
Allow: /static/glade.js
Allow: / static / glade /
Disallow: /
Noindex: /
The link for this robots.txt is https://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/robots.txt
Note: I found this problem through Google's rich results test. It is also stated that I have bugs in the javascript code. For errors in javascript I will contact the author of the topic however I need you to solve this problem with robots.txt. My wish is to remove it. These errors are listed as errors that make it difficult for Google to index my page.

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  • Solution

A robots.txt file tells search engines which pages on your site they shouldn't crawl. All Squarespace sites use the same robots.txt file to help follow SEO best practices and keep your site Google-friendly. You cannot change it. 

For more information, see Understanding Google SEO emails and console errors.

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