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Can a subdomain point to a completely different set of pages?

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Hi folks...

I've read all the help with creating subdomains, etc, and it's still not clear to me.

We have one website with SS.  I'd like to create a subdomain, like:


and have it send the user to a completely different set of pages from ourdomain.com.

Is that possible?


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It is best you create a landing page and redirect your users to that page but it depends what the page is about that you have in mind

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Every page in squarespace has its own url slug that points to that page, a subdomain of sorts. If you are asking about having two custom domains, for example mydomain.com point to a page and mydomain.net go to another page on the same site, no. Your example would work like this: domain.com/blog, and that will go to its own page. 

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