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Can't merge SPF records with G Suite "Please merge your SPF records"

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While attempting verify a sender profile for a Marketing Email campaign using my linked G Suite account I ran into a brick wall labeled "Please merge your SPF records".

1st - I followed the instruction in this document and created the 3 "Custom resource records" 


Then the sender profile successfully validated on 2 of 3 items, the issue being the "Please merge your SPF records" - See image #1

2nd - I tried to edit the Google Synthetic "TXT @ SPF" entry to include the squarespace details but the only option is to DELETE the entire entry. 

3rd - I tried adding the google details to the "TXT @ SPF"  Custom resource record set up for squarespace so it would all be in one entry, but again no way to delete the G Suite synthetic entry.

4th - Long text support session with Google Domain Support. They tell me I need to delete the entire G Suite Synthetic entry and duplicate all the entries in the Customer Resource Record section but to merge the "TXT @ SPF"  entry.  See image #2

I'm very hesitant to do that for fear it will make an even bigger mess given the custom DNS settings are only optional and so far I haven't see issues with any major ISP (outlook, gmail, yahoo, cox, road runner) but I have to test it with some large enterprises.


(see attached images for details)


G Suite DNS Settings.jpg

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The synthetic records are simple versions of the DNS records that can be used by anyone who has a simple email setup. They are perfect for 75% of users. However, they don't take account of a situation when you need to send emails from multiple providers, for example Google and Squarespace. As you can only have one SPF record for a domain, you'll need to manually merge the SPF records into one. The Squarespace support article attempts to explain this, but it's not straightforward. 

If you are having difficulties, I recommend you open an online chat session with Squarespace Customer Support. They provide free support, and may be able to talk you through the steps to complete your setup. If you still have difficulties, you may want to consider hiring a Squarespace Expert to help you.

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I had this same problem and finally resolved it. The instructions for this are incomplete. Follow them until you get to bullet number 7, the last action in the list. It says, "Delete the other SPF records (the ones that don't include squarespace), then save again."

This is actually complicated and a little bit scary for a Google Workspace. You will actually have to delete the entire synthetic record because that is the only option. I spoke to Google about this and they advised the following:

  1. First, copy the Google Workspace synthetic record in its entirety. (I copy and pasted into a spreadsheet.)
  2. Next, delete the Google Workspace synthetic record. This is the scary part.
  3. Now, in "Custom resource records" you will add back only two items from the synthetic record that you copied and deleted. The first one is the MX record. You'll notice that you need to add each mail server of this record in its own form.
  4. Then add your second record, the " google._domainkey" also referred to as the DKIM record

Now go back to squarespace and verify your merged records.


Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 9.02.17 AM.jpg

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I did the same as twobeatsahead two days agoand can confirm it works.

I thought it was something in my Custom DNS section under the Google domain settings. I wiped all records out and only had the three required for domain verification...and nothing. It turned out it was the records under the Synthetic Records section. (Thank you Chris from SS support for pointing that out). 

Chris from Squarespace told me what record needed to be edited, and what it needed to be changed to. The issue is that a Google Workspace synthetic record can't be edited, it needs to be completely deleted (as mentioned above). Yes, it is scary, and your email will be down while you make the changes. I recommend opening a support chat with SS so they give you the edit, copy it, open a support chat with Google, explain what you need done, and paste the change that SS gave you. Google will walk you through every step, as they did with me. As soon as I hit save, they had me check if the domain was verifying on SS, and it was. Instantly, no down time, and email was up. It doesn't take the 48 hours you might see, so don't be scared of that.

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