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Zooming in and out

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Site URL: https://www.growthsigma.com/

On my main page of my website if I zoom in/out using Google Chrome, the text gets bigger, but the picture stays the same size.  This creates problems with white space if folks come to my site and are on different settings for how far they are zoomed in/out.  If you go to other websites, and zoom in or out, all of the content (graphics and text), scale up and down together.  Squarespace says the issue is with Google, but cant explain why I'm not getting the same effect on other sites not hosted by SS.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Tim

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You have been very helpful in the past...curious if you know what is causing this issue.  It seems weird because if I go to other websites, they don't respond this way.  When you zoom in / out, the whole page zooms in/out,not just the text.

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Hmm..maybe it's my browser...I have attached what I see.  For example, when I adjust the zoom setting on chrome up and down, I see the following:

1) Zoom out to 50%: the text gets smaller in proportion to the picture.  As a results, there is extra white space under the text. 

2) Zoom in to 150%: the text gets bigger in proportion to the picture.  As a result, there is extra white space under the image.

I have included a link to a website which responds the way I would expect.  I have also attached this as "benchmark website."  Regardless of the zoom setting, the white space under the graphic is always the same proportionately.  


Let me know if that makes sense?  Thanks so much for the sanity check.  Thanks, Tim


White Space Problem.png

White Space Problem v2.png

Benchmark website.png

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