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Switching Template to Brine Family Templates

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Site URL: https://psakfisipui.squarespace.com

Hi, I would like to ask something. Im using this 7.1 Squarespace version and I want to switch templates. Im using this Almar template curently and I want to switch to Brine Family templates because some settings just dont show up on website template im using right now. I have read some discussions that 7.1 version cant switch template, so can you suggest me what should I do because I really need some settings that Brine Family templates provide. I look forward to your reply, Thank You

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works like a charm! Thank you!

Squarespace 7.1 doesn't have templates, just different 'starting points' that Squarespace designers have put together to give you inspiration. To use a Brine-family template on Squarespace 7.0, start a new trial and then manually copy the information across.

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Thank you for your answer but i have a few more questions:

- How do you change blog post's thumbnail on squarespace 7.1? I have already tried to change it once at first, and now i want to change the image again, but i cant find the option to do that again

- Can you customize search bar's shape? for instance changing it from square to having round egdes?

- Can you customize result search page? to change the background color, add custom fonts, and to show only the post's thumbnail and title? 

Thank you!

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