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Formatting the Hamburger Menu Overlay on Desktop


Site URL: http://www.ozankarakoc.com

Hello Friends!

(My website is at www.ozankarakoc.com and I'm in the Business Plan.)

Thanks to an earlier post, I achieved to force the hamburger menu to show up on desktop, but I couldn't find a way to format the overlay that opens when clicking the hamburger menu icon. 

The font size is too big that, when I place all my menu items, a scroll bar shows up, which looks unprofessional.

Is there a way to make the font smaller or reduce the line spacing so that all the navigation items fit in the overlay?

Thanks in advance!


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Add to Home > design > Custom CSS

.header-menu-nav-item a {
    padding-top: 1vw;
    padding-bottom: 1vw;
.header-menu-nav-folder[data-folder="root"] {
    overflow: hidden;


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This is great! Thanks a lot  @tuanphan!

For others who might benefit from this thread, I've also found this code which allows to change the background color of that overlay:

.header-menu-bg {background: #0e0e0e !important;}


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