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Free Shipping on set category


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I'm struggling to find the right option for my client on a specific shipping option.

Within the shop she will be selling items that require both shipping rates and free shipping. 

I have managed to set the shipping rates for items that are UK (free) and International (£35). However, She is also wanting to sell illustrations, but have these set to free shipping worldwide. I can't figure out how to do this, as any shipping address outside of the uk automatically adds the £35 Shipping charge.

I have also looked at adding a free shipping discount option, but this is not available at category level. I can only offer a value or percentage off.

If I select the value or percentage option, any UK buyer could also use this to gain additional discount.

If I select Free Shipping across the board, any user with the code could apply this too.

Am I missing something or have I explored all options?

Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.




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I'm having the same issue _ I offer a deposit listing for my custom orders.  This was always marked as free postage as the postage was paid on the final piece.  The only work around was a Freeshipping coupon but thats a faff and I've had clients forget so I've had to refund which is annoying as I loose fees paid to Stripe and Paypal.  Surely Squarespace can sort this clunky shipping system???

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