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Ways to Edit, Move, and Organize Contacts in Mailing Lists?

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Just getting familiar with the Marketing side of Squarespace. It is appealing to have it all in one place.

As I dig into the organization of the Subscribers I am curious on how to do basic tasks. Maybe there is a way I am not seeing.

First of all, I have read the docs and they were very helpful. I however did not see these things which is why I ask. 


1) How can you edit a Subscriber? I read in the docs that the way to "Edit Subscribers" is to add a new Subscriber with the email you wish to update and then just include the new name. Is that really the only way? Kind of seems like a work around why not just a edit dialogue right there like most fields on the site?

2) How can you move OR copy a Subscriber from one Mailing List to another? Maybe the Subscriber should actually be in List A vs List B. How can I move OR copy that Subscriber? It seems currently the only way is to delete the Subscriber and then manually re-enter (or with a .csv).  

3) Can you add any other information to a Subscriber like tags, descriptors, dates, etc?

I am thinking that if I don't implement good organizations practices now it could get out of hand and hard to manage with 1,000's of emails.

Thank you very much for any help or tips on how other people organize their Mailing Lists!

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One contact can be on multiple lists. You just add their e-mail address to it from the screen where you add emails to mailing lists like normal, and then you'll notice that the Profile recognizes that they are on two lists after that. But all of the above functions would be ideal, having to re-submit e-mail addresses to change basic things like names or having to delete a contact to change their e-mail address is a huge pain.

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