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How can I change color theme for product detail page?

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Hey everyone!

I'm trying to simply change the COLOR THEME for sections of PRODUCT DETAIL PAGE. 

At the top of the PRODUCT ITEM, I can see "EDIT PRODUCT" and "EDIT DESIGN" but neither of them have anything to do with colors. 

If I navigate to "Colors" >>> "Section Themes", I can see the color themes for each section of the PRODUCT DETAIL PAGE. 


I can then click the COLOR THEME, in this case "White Bold", but it only prompts me to edit the COLOR THEMES instead of choosing the COLOR THEME I'd like to use. =/ 

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That edit theme section is about changing the colors within the theme, and is not related to the specific page you currently have open. I believe that currently, the only way to change the color of products is from the store overview page (the one you go to when you click the shopping cart icon in the site nav.) Whichever backdrop you choose there will carry over to all the products.

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I had the same issue too but I figured it out - The product detail page is the same theme as your store or Product Page, so to change the theme of the product detail page you have to change the theme of your store or products page. Hope that makes sense!

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