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Page speed and Google ranking SS 7.0

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Site URL: https://www.thehongkongfixer.com/

Hello from HK, 

First and before anything else: I hope all of you out there are doing fine. 

In these tough times, it is crucial our online presence serves our purposes. I love SS and it's user friendly modern design . Just like many have noted in a few forums , it is obvious my site's speed and loading is bad and that we my site does not rank as high as it should. We have implemented many of SS SEO's best practices and since Google has put an even more strong emphasis on first content paint and other speed indicators, it seems our efforts are in vain. The shitiest wordpress competitor wsite ranks better than we do . In thoe past we have compensated this with ad buy ..an expensive proposition. All replies by SS lead back to " oh but lighhouse" does not paint an acurate picture. I do not care about lighthouse or pingdom or any other tool. I just want to rank on first page for my industry. I am crying in despair here. 

It seems SS does not intend to address CSS and other issues...so ..back to WP? And maybe, I am no developer, I am missing something.......I just want to make films!

Any help, strategy  at all is very welcome . 

Thank you and be safe all, 


Kind regards



Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 11.32.07 AM.png

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Thanks a lot Biseyre. 

It's just that over time we consistency have been loosing positions and are now way way below on search queries...for our main keyword: video production hk ...

In these complex times, SEO becomes crucial. What I am doing wrong? 



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I am also facing with the speed of my site. I had wprocket installed on the site but I had to delete it since there was some kind of a big. Ever since I have deleted that the speed has gone down. Even though I have lighthouse cache plugin and Smush installed my mobile speed in google page index is just 45. I have tried so many things and it is not driving me crazy.

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