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Site URL: http://www.heathparkhouse.co.uk

Hi folks. I'm having a problem with the banner/header at the top of pages on our site. 

As our drop down menu font is white, you need a dark banner behind it to see the options. 

Most of the time, the full image I've uploaded shows, which means you can see the menu. Sometimes though, it's cropped higher so you can't see that white text. 

I've uploaded a screenshot from the styles area of the design tool. I think the blue line is where the image cuts off sometimes, so this makes me think there's a way to solve this problem. 

Any ideas on what I could do would be gratefully received. Thanks.


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@ChristopherK - are you saying on some pages you can't see the white text because the image is too light? If so, I can show you how to customize the color of the navigation links by page (there are a

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Hi @Sienawalker

No, the white text works well against the image. But sometimes the image only shows up to the blue line (in the image above). 

If that happens, then the drop down menu (white text) stretches past the image onto the background of the body content. And, as that body content background is white, the dropdown options don't show up against that. 

I guess I'm trying to make sure the full image shows at all times. 

Hope that makes sense. Thank you. 

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I'm not sure I am following the issue from just the screen shot included - can you share the password so I can look at the site to see for myself?



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