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Patreon as an alternative to MemberSpace

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I am working with a potential client and they wish to have content available only to those who have purchased a membership. We have discussed MemberSpace, and even the option to simply use a password protected page (not ideal), but there is some hesitation around the pricing of MemberSpace, specifically the 4% fee for each member sign up on top of the monthly cost.

The client has mentioned Patreon as the membership model she wants to use but I don't think this is compatible with SQSP. 

Does anyone know if this is not the case and know if w CAN use Patreon on SQSP, OR does anyone know of any other alternatives out there for such a membership platform that can be used with SQSP?


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Hi Brennan,

  • I haven't seen Patreon used with Squarespace before but it seems like their pricing has higher % fees (starting at 8%) than the ones you already mentioned — are there specific aspects of Patreon they're looking to implement?
  • I guess you already looked into this, but Squarespace password-protected pages is an option since Squarespace can protect the pages from their side (more secure than the other options you'd be looking at)
  • Memberstack is a membership platform that does offer 1% fees or lesser, depending on the scale at which your client is planning to use it and the pricing plan that might best fit them.

Hope that helps!

Naitik Mehta
Memberstack.io — add user logins, member profiles & payments to any website without coding.
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Hi - I'm interested in the functionality of the Square Studio plugin, but I agree that there seems to be an issue with the subscribe button on their demo page.  Did you end up using it?  What was your experience like?  If you did - can you share the URL so I can see it in action?

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