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Banner Risize on Mobile for 7.0

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Hey All,

I know this has been asked 1,000 times (because I have read them all) but I cannot seem to get my banner image to resize correctly for mobile, it is zooming in way to much. It looks perfect for desktop but not so great for tablet or mobile. I have tried all the different CSS code snippets I can find in the forums but nothing is working and I can't find the block id for the banner either. I am using the Bedford template on 7.0. I am at a total loss. Anyone have any ideas or a CSS code that will work? 

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 10.22.21 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 10.22.35 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 10.22.40 AM.png

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