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Aspect Ratio



Any ideas on how to individually resize the images on my product page? For whatever reason Squarespace will only allow the user to select 1 specific aspect ratio, for all products. I'm trying to develop a website for selling photos, and photos come in all shapes and sizes. Picking one aspect ratio results in some images/products being cropped.

I've already setup my "Store" using the product photo option (which allows for custom aspect ratios), and then unlinking my official product page. However, when the customer clicks on the photo they want to buy, the page updates to the official product page photo, which is cropped to the wrong aspect ratio. 

It appears my only option is to inject CSS code (per Squarespace IT), which I know nothing about. However, when I look at the FAQs on that potential solution, it specifically says to NOT use CSS to change image sizing. 

If I cannot fix this issue, it's a dealbreaker for me to use Squarespace as my web host. 

Hoping someone has an idea on how I can move forward.

Thanks, Max

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Same problem here.   Only workaround I have found so far, is to add a border around all my images so they are the same aspect ratio. Problem with this is, the layout of the product page is not optimum and when opened in the light box, the image is small.   For example - a 16x9 image in a 4x3 frame

Would love a proper solution.

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Im trying to sell art work and i have the same problem some of my art is landscape and some isnt but there are no options that allow you to apply an aspect ratio to one product without applying it to ALL prodcuts. 

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Having the same problem. I sell jewelry and my earrings are long and so are my necklaces. Everything on those pages keep cutting off. Help please.

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Same issue here—it's so frustrating to only be able to choose one aspect ratio, and have that applied to every single art print on the entire site, regardless of whether the print itself is landscape or portrait. Is there any way for this to be adjusted? Can the aspect ratio cropping be turned off entirely, so that the images are displayed at their actual aspect ratio? It's driving me insane.

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Using 7.1 and have same problem with mixing horizontal and vertical images in my store. It’s either or as I understand it or have I missed something? I have no knowledge in CSS so the only solution I can see right now is to set up two stores - one for vertical pics and one for horizontal. 

So many YouTube photographers promoting Squarespace but they don’t seem to use the service for selling pics online. ….

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