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Catalog without the Shopping Cart Function

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Site URL: https://koieducation.squarespace.com/catalog-2

Heyo! Thank you in advance for your brain power on this: 

A client has around 50 or so courses to select from, all of which I have to go through a contact form (rather than be purchased online). The goal is to be able to select courses, i.e. highlighting or selecting the courses of interest, and then sending out a notification email that expresses the interest in those specific courses. It's like shopping cart style UI, but without the checkout process. Any ideas on how to achieve this in an efficient way? 

Right now, I've got a course catalog with the form up top. The trouble with clicking through each course and hitting a theoretical "I'm interested!" button is that it doesn't account for multiple courses. Trying to avoid using a third party if possible, although I do think this can be achieved with Typeform. 

I'm still researching but would appreciate any help!

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I wasn’t able to view the site as it is password protected. Am I correct in thinking that the site will have around 50 ‘products’ (courses) and you want to allow visitors to select one or more of these products and submit the list by email? If yes, our Wishlist extension should meet your needs.

Let me know if you have any questions. 


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