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Can I keep up my old website while working on my SS one?

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Hi, I currently have an old page up (not through Squarespace). I am hoping to work with SS to build a page, which may take months as we are a team who needs to reach consensus on everything. Is there any way to work on this page while leaving up my OLD page, since we still need people to access it in the meantime? 

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Posted (edited)

Sure, you have a two week trial, and you have an internal address that is accessible, like xxxx.squarespac.com until you decide to move or transfer your existing deomain to your new site. You can keep your Squarespace site password protected from viewers as well. Your older site would just keep on going until you are ready to reveal your new one.  You wold be paying for two of them for a short time of course. . 

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