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7.0 Need Help! Gallery with Click-Through URL and Hover image title display


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Hi all,

I am desperately trying to do something that's seemingly easy but frustratingly seems impossible with any template. I've been working on this for a few hours and can't figure it out so I'm coming to you smart folks! 

The client requires two things of her Gallery Portfolio: 

  1. Hover on the image so the title displays. She loves the "look" of Wexley's hover image display: https://wexley-demo.squarespace.com/ 
  2. Once you click on the image, you should be taken directly to an external site in a new tab. (i.e. either a PDF or an external site URL).

In Wexley's gallery page (which is what the site is currently using) - the hover effect is there, but the Click-through URL doesn't register until you're on the second page, defeating the URL's purpose. 
Flatiron has a nice hover view in Index layout, but again, the click-through URL remains an issue. (https://flatiron-demo.squarespace.com/). York has similar issue. 

URL: https://sala-writing-site.squarespace.com/ (portfolio is on the home page) //  pw: squarespacehelp%

Can anyone help me get this to happen? The client is pretty picky about look and layout. We are currently using Wexley in 7.0 but I'm desperate and open to anything at this point, even switching to 7.1 if i have to. (I prefer to do any customization with CSS, rather than code injection, so she doesn't have to upgrade her site package due to Squarespace limitations.)



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If you use Business Plan, I can give the solution for click through url.

You can send your question to my email to get faster answer. / How to Setup Password & Share URL 

-- I'm Tuan. I work for a non-profit project (build free libraries). I check the forum once or twice a day to help out the community. If you don't see me answering your question, you can send it to the email above. There are so many questions every day so I can't answer them all at once, I will try to answer them in the next few days.

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Thanks, Tuanphan!

I actually found  a solution that didn't require an upgrade. I got the code from here: https://schwartz-edmisten.com/blog/title-appear-when-hovering-on-summary-block 

Wexley was waaay too buggy and I couldn't get it to work. I switched to Brine (of course) and implemented that helpful code and it worked! I think it's crazy that something as simple as hover titles and exteral URLs should have caused so much trouble (it took up over 10 hours for me.) Hopefully, a Squarespace functionality to be added in the future. 

This is all set. Be well!

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