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Website Feedback: custom cursor + moving images using CSS

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Site URL: https://partysloth.co

I would love feedback on this site we just launched. It has a lot of custom CSS, including:

  1. custom cursor (sometimes this flickers upon hovering, any ideas?)
  2. moving images (using custom CSS)
  3. custom mobile flyout menu (does anyone know how to change the colors of the burger and cart icon when the menu is open?)

Thanks in advance!

Party Sloth Desktop 6.20.20.png

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Interesting site -- lots of extras -- cannot decide whether i like the cursor feature or not -- but i'm guessing there's only upside with the feature

I am not an expert but i question the use of blue given the "party" and "fun time" sort of approach you're taking with the brand.  Blue seems to conflict with the brand.

I've chosen a shade of blue on my site because it's supposed to convery calm, trust, intelligence, responsibility, etc -- and that's important to my brand

Your goal seems primarily to be support your sales efforts with wholesalers, distributors so maybe that's why you chose blue?  I'd consider a more party and fun color -- but it looks like your labels are blue as well.  You are "Party" Sloth -- consider carrying that theme to your brand colors.

Some quick articles on color:

Color meanings and the art of using color symbolism

Business, Sales and the World Wide Web Are In Color

Color Theory for Designers, Part 1: The Meaning of Color

Only other thought -- more Product  Value Concepts content on landing page?

Put the 3 primary values your niche wants on the landing page -- I've become an advocate of using "Google Keyword Planner" to gain a deeper understanding of what people are searching for in your niche -- can you frame your product using some of the most popular keywords your niche uses?

If your target is wholesalers and distributors -- have you set up the site to sell to THEIR most sought after needs?  Keyword Planner can tell you what they're primary issue is -- my guess is they only want to add product they know will MOVE.  Maybe add a page just for wholesalers that addresses their primary concerns -- you have penetration in your local market of X -- etc.  Your brag points.  I'm going to say wholesalers could care less what your product is -- only that the market wants it -- so you have to create regional demand in the vegan community -- then push to regional wholesalers?

Hope some of this makes sense!

Hey -- if you want to bounce your business development strategy off someone, let me know -- I find what you're attempting to do interesting


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