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Top Posters In This Topic

HI Jay! Beautiful site. Congratulations on the launch. 

I love that your site is straight forward and you let your amazing photography do the talking. 

A little feedback I've got regarding your site that also has to do with marketing yourself is I would consider implementing some information about the types of folks/brands/influencers/companies you work with, a little more about the projects you do and maybe what it's like working with you; your process. You could add this to your About me section. Now I know, I know, the About me is...About ME right? Yes, it definitely is! But this is also an opportunity to let the client/potential client identify themselves and say "oh that's like me, oh he works with folks that are in alignment with what I do, oh that sounds like a nice/unique/different working experience, oh this is what I've been looking for!" etc. The objective is to also make it about the potential client so you can paint a picture and they will see themselves in it. 

Keep up the great work Jay! 

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