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External Host for audio file options

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Site URL: https://cutthecraftpodcast.com


I host my podcast with Squarespace, but our next episode exceeds the 160 mb limit. All the guide on the website says is "upload it to an external service and add its public URL" - the problem is, I have no idea what kind of external service to use, since it can't support dropbox or soundcloud files (in the audio block). I understand that there are podcast-specific hosting platforms, but the whole reason I went with squarespace was to not have to use one of those services. 

And if I do have to go with something like buzzsprout, then will they automatically start syndicating my show through their own things, confusing RSS feeds (as some of you may be able to tell, I barely know what I'm talking about so maybe this is just a bunch of gobbldey gook).

Are there any alternative services where you can upload and store a large audio file in a 'https://...mp3' sort of format?

Thanks, and apologies if this is an obvious question.

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