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Is Squarespace always so limiting?

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Hi guys,


I'm a newbie to Squarespace having used Wix for years and Flash before that. I love Squarespace's simplicity and clean-ness, however I find it just too damn rigid to work with. I'm currently running the trial version, but would I see more design options if I subscribed to the full version?


By rigid I mean...

I can't add hover over text to my image gallery? I can't move elements on my page without digging for CSS? I can't even have my gallery images link to another page on my website?


Wix is buggy and hard to get looking nice but at least using it feels intuitive for a designer. I'd love to get into Squarespace but finding there are too many walls to climb



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just started a 7.0 template. Looks like I do indeed have more options.. thanks for your feedback I'll check this out

Hi there, I am starting to work with Squarespace, hope this forum would help me. Thanks for thread

@Falconer you need to get used to it. I use both wix and squarespace and would pick squarespace any day over wix. You will need to learn the CSS tricks to do the things you want but once you have foun

2 minutes ago, derricksrandomviews said:

All the things you mention are standard based on certain templates and or which platform 7.0 or 7.1 and the trial version actually lets you do everything including commerce options. Which template are you trying out?

Template is Gates. I'm guessing 7.1 seeing as I only signed up a week or so ago.

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7.1 in my opinion is designed more for first time builders, and for ones who are more mobile driven. As a wix user I think you would find 7.0 more to your liking. 

take a look at these templates. And you can type in Brine at the top, and look at that family of 40 templates. All very good. You can even start a second trial if you wish and work with the template you have now and a 7.0 one and decide what you like best. I have sites built on Wexley, Brine, and Avenue, all 7.0 sites. https://www.squarespace.com/templates?onboarding_v7_1_0819=control

my random views derrick Lee parker

Christine Gregory Photography


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@Falconer you need to get used to it. I use both wix and squarespace and would pick squarespace any day over wix. You will need to learn the CSS tricks to do the things you want but once you have found good resources or are able to use a service like ghost plugins you can make a squarespace site in 1/3 of the time compared to wix. 

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Posted (edited)

Well after spending lots of time with it I can say that Squarespace is now my chosen platform over Wix. It can be frustrating when it won't do things exactly as you'd imagined but it's so elegantly designed that often it's probably preferable that it reins you in a little. 

7.1 has been great for me, I love how responsive it is on desktop and how good my site looks on mobile too.

Here's my finished site anyway if anybody cares to take a look - martinfalconer.com

Had a bit of trouble getting the background video to load properly on the homepage but seems to be alright now. 


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