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Steps to take for smooth transfer

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Posted (edited)

Trying to figure out best order/steps to make switch to Squarespace. We have a site that is mostly ready to go. 

Current situation

  • domain registered with Network Solution
  • domain forwarded/site hosted by Powweb
  • Gsuite purchased through Powweb; some non-Gsuite email addresses as well

What I think we should do (in this order)

  • Transfer Gsuite from Powweb to Google
  • Create any non-Gsuite emails addresses in Gsuite
  • When Squarespace site is ready, change DNS to Squarespace DNS (could also complete transfer I suppose)

Does that sound right? Just trying to avoid any interruptions or issues that I might not be thinking of since I don't do this sort of thing much

Is there a better way to go about it?

I really appreciate any input!


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Additional question

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yeah this sounds good and you will need 48-72 hours when you transfer the domain so you may have your site down to that period which is unavoidable. 

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