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images just disappear!?

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I was just about to post that I was also having this issue with image links appearing broken, but showing the image sometimes and not others - but I remembered that I recently added a new page with custom code. I deleted the new page, and now my images are functioning normal again. 

It is kind of frustrating that the exact same embed code works absolutely fine on my other site built with weebly. I chose Squarespace because I prefer it, but images disappearing when using basic code is a big order-breaker that will send me back.

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This happened to me today! Two of my portfolio piece covers were gone just like becca_lam. What is going on? It's like the images were never uploaded. I don't enjoy sending people to my portfolio a

Total Newbie here so apologies if this has been covered. I have uploaded a logo to my header and added some text content. My website is not yet published but random images are starting to disappe

We've been experiencing spontaneous deletion of images since March. Squarespace claims to be aware of this and that it's a widespread issue. We just discovered that images from blog posts going back t

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This just happened to us ... I checked our website as we have been running a lot of advertising.... I was shocked/horrified to see our entire portfolio was blank. No wonder people were hitting the page and then just exiting. Looking at the projects it is as though someone went through and deleted all the thumbnail images. This is disgraceful sqaurespace, first we cannot access our sites for days on end and now your beautiful image heavy websites don't display images. We have had to reupload all thumbnail images in case anyone is looking for the fix. To anyone in a trial period I would suggest looking at another provider... this has the potential to cause significant damage to any potential clients browsing you website. 

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I have the same problem. All the images disappeared out of a blog post I published a couple weeks ago. https://www.lezleydavidson.ca/writing/welcome-to-the-patreon  The images are rendering with itty bitty photo icons where the photos should be - so I know the image block is still there... just no photo. 

Images are integral to the blog post story-telling format. Half my jokes are lost without the image to carry the captions!! 😄

Another post I published last year, didn't render any of the images yesterday, but they are all showing up today. https://www.lezleydavidson.ca/writing/it-was-a-mystical-experience

It's pretty sketchy... also ironic that today I paid for another year. Please Squarespace - I really love your service, don't make it bad. 

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just happened on my dev site as well.  lost like 20 gifs on the portfolio home page. 
also started with a 'NOVO' template.  

the chat guy 'escalated' the issue to email and i've not heard back from them. 

anyone have any answers? 

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On 12/15/2020 at 1:55 AM, halcykon said:

My images on the home page keep disappearing in the Work section.


7 minutes ago, LauroMagno said:

Each time I make any change in any portfolio page the thumbnails disappear and I need to download them again

I haven't seen the specific issues mentioned above, but the only time I've seen content "disappear" is when more than one person (or more than one browser tab) is editing a Squarespace website at the same time. In such circumstances, the last one to click Save "wins", overwriting previously saved content.

If this is not the cause of your issue, I encourage you to reach out to Squarespace Customer Care for support. This forum is not routinely monitored by Squarespace so your issue will not be picked up or addressed here. You can open a ticket through Customer Care


Hi, I'm Paul, founder of SF Digitalbuilding the features that Squarespace didn't include.
I value honesty, integrity, transparency and respect. Links in my posts may refer to SF Digital products or may be affiliate links.
Squarespace. I've been a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of the platform since 2007. 

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When managing projects in my portfolio the project picture disappear and I have to upload it again. This happens at least every other editing session and it's random which one of the project pictures that disappear. It's really annoying. I'm using the Paloma website template. Anyone who know how to fix this?

Best regards / Hans

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