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How to remove store with no trace


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Site URL: https://www.curltruth.love/home

Hi, I am closing down my shop permanently, but I need to keep my website up, how do I disable commerce and shop completely. I am finding it frustrating that all the answers seem to end up being, leave it on cuz its good for your SEO, this is of no concern, I just want the basket and search icon gone with no trace and I cant seem to find the option. Help is much appreciated! 

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I would try going to Pages -> Home -> and then click edit on the Home page. Next, edit the Site Header, click Elements, and it should give you the option to turn off your cart so it will not show.

Hope it helps,


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If you want to keep the store pages please see Enabling and disabling pages - Disable a page and Shopping cart icon display - Hide the shopping cart icon.

Otherwise you could delete the Store pages.

You may also want to disconnect from Square and/or PayPal payment processors.

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