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Hi everyone,

I'm looking into building my website here and I can't find the right template

I'd like the website to have:

Portfolio (photo + video)


Optional: online store later 


Can you recommend a template or the closest one?


Thank you and have a great day


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do you have any example sites that you like?

The thing with squarespace is that it will allow you to build a custom site no matter which template that you choose. The templates are more a starting point for you and you will be able to add everything you want when you need it.

I would say look through the templates and the one that feels the most like the site you want to build would be the best to choose. 

If you run into issues, or decide that you want to go with a professional designer feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 

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You can do any of that with just about any of them. I suspect you have already looked at the 7. template and designs.

Here are the 7.0 templates, they are very unique from each other. Brine is the most popular.


just type in brine at the top of the page or you can type in what you plan to use it for and a number of templates will be listed for you to look at. 


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