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Displaying multiple music albums and having a mp3 music player

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I'm not finding a good music album template.  I am a film composer and have multiple albums I want to display on a page, much like a Gallery would look, however, I can't find one where you can drill into the album and then have track lists and an mp3 music player.  Does this need to be a custom design? How is that possible? That should be the most basic feature for a "musician" template, to showcase our albums and tracks and play songs. I don't want to link the songs to Soundcloud or Spotify.

I am using 7.1 templates.

I see the article and video posted here by Squarespace, but this template and feature is not an option in 7.1 templates, even though that band image is, but the Horizon template is not.

How can I do this easily? This is the feature I need!

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SqS does tend to be slightly behind the curve when it comes to template functionality for music players and albums and such, although it is becoming much better.

This example includes Spotify links, but that can be easily replaced with tracks loaded directly to SqS. Is this something like what you're looking for? You could arrange the album covers in a grid and then include a tab for each that would expand into the track listing when clicked by the viewer.


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Thanks @KvK - That is really cool and sort of what I'm looking for, however, I think I'm steering away from Spotify now for the time.  I like the full track playability, and Spotify only uses a clip.  As does iTunes, I reckon... Maybe I'll reconsider.

I don't feel like spending money on Soundcloud Pro, but having issues with the Soundcloud Block built into SqS.  Right now I have 4 playlists set up and using the Embed code from Soundcloud, but SqS isn't letting you play any of the tracks.

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