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Can You Upgrade Food Items?


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Hi guys, trying to put together a restaurant website -- I can't seem to see any functionality to be able to charge additional "upcharge" for adding on an item to your product.

For instance. You select a 2 piece fried chicken product with fries. I can list other options from fries that would cost the same, but perhaps I want to charge more for onion rings, there is no functionality to do that, so I cannot add "up-sell's or upcharges" to the site? Is this correct, is there a workaround? Any help would be great. Thanks!

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Is there any actual support from Squarespace that isn't paid? I mean it's a simple question on functionality. Really regretting my purchase now and thinking of just scrapping the $70 I paid to move to Wix... Can anyone advise please?

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This is a Squarespace community forum but you can contact Squarespace Customer Care directly for free support using this link

In the meantime, you may find the following support articles helpful:

Adding basic product variants

Displaying related products


Hi, I'm Paul, founder of SF Digitalbuilding the features that Squarespace didn't include. Pick dates in any format, show prices in other currencies, take orders without payment or improve your cartI value honesty, integrity, transparency and respect. Links in my posts may refer to SF Digital products or may be affiliate links.  Squarespace. I've been a loyal supporter of the platform since 2007. 

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You could have up to 100 variants in step with product, but there is not a bundling or package deal option on the Squarespace platform like this but, so it is not possible to have checkboxes for unique version options. Each one will be displayed within the identical dropdown container.

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