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Template.conf changes not showing


Posted (edited)

Site URL: http://www.rupertlaycock.com/

I have added new page layout .regions to my template and I have updated the template.conf (json linter validated) yet the Squarespace UI isn't showing the new regions/layouts in the Page Layout Menu.

I added the homepage and about layouts years ago and they're visible. However, the new store and gallery regions won't show.

I also tested changing the name of my Home Nav tite to see if that would change in the Squarespace UI and it didnt...


Many thanks,




	"name": "RLP",
	"author": "Squarespace",

	"layouts": {
		"default": {
			"name": "Default",
			"regions": ["normal"]
		"store": {
			"name": "store",
			"regions": ["store"]
		"gallery": {
			"name": "gallery",
			"regions": ["gallery"]
		"about": {
			"name": "about",
			"regions": ["about"]
		"homepage": {
			"name": "homepage",
			"regions": ["homepage"]

	"navigations": [{
		"title": "Main Navigation",
		"name": "mainNav"
	}, {
		"title": "Home Nav",
		"name": "homeNav"
	}, {
		"title": "Clients List",
		"name": "aboutNav"

	"stylesheets": [

	"systemCollections": ["events", "products", "album"],

	"systemPartials": ["sqs-social-links"]



Edited by Rupslay
fixed typo

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Having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

Changes to my template.conf has not updated for hours.


It feels like all resources are cached more heavily server side recently.

After each change to a .css or .js file I have to force reload by re-saving code injects (by adding/removing white space) and re-saving design > site styles by changing something unimportant. If I don't do that it just keeps loading some serverside cached version of it.

Also un-attaching a domain name from one site and attaching it to another took more than 5 days to go through.

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Hi you guys, how did you update the .conf file, via sftp or git?

I faced similiar issue when edit the files in template via sftp and it not update at all, there is a delay and I decided to update via git which went well. I think there is some issues with sftp at the time.

I am frontend dev that provide solutions to enhance feature of squarespace.com can't provide, please check my profile for more details

--- To Space And Beyond! ---


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After emailing Squarespace Support regarding a similar issue, I was advised that there is a problem with the Developer Platform and the SFTP connection. They have made their engineers aware of the issue and are working on a solution. @bangank36 is correct—the best way to reliably update sites during this time is through git. I made the original support request on May 20, 2020, and the issue with SFTP has still not been resolved. 

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On 6/18/2020 at 8:36 PM, VirNinja said:

there is a problem with the Developer Platform and the SFTP connection. They have made their engineers aware of the issue and are working on a solution

I believe this should now be fixed.


On 7/13/2020 at 4:44 PM, mseymore said:

Fixed an issue where template updates via SFTP were broken or delayed.

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