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I dont think my site ever gets noticed

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On 6/3/2020 at 11:11 PM, sarah-m said:

Hey Wendy! Couple questions ... how long as your site been up? (Sometimes it takes time for the SEO to catch on.) Also, have you tried anything else to send traffic? (Email, social, Pinterest.)

Hi Sarah I have a similar issue with my websites - been through al the SEO advice etc and ticked every box but my sites sit on page 6 or lower- even when there is no competition for the product.  Any ideas?  And yes - use social, email etc to help encourage visits.

Thanks Kelly

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I'm having the same issue. I just published my site. When I type in the full site name, it doesn't even come up. So infuriating. In the past (years ago) I crated my own site and uploaded everything to a server. No problems. I suspect something is off with SquareSpace - or things have changed for the worse in the world of search engines. 

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When I type in the name of my site, I am at the top of over 1,440,000,000  results. That has taken five years to get to. Its all about the hits. You want folks to find you, you have to put it out there. Like everytime you post here on the forums put a link to your site. The more who go there the quicker it moves up the search responses. The web has a lot more stuff to look thru than it did back in the days of uploading html to a server.  

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The tick boxes in SEO that are provided as a way to optimise your website are recommendations that pretty much everyone is doing. When search engines were in their infancy these recommendations could actually get you on the first page of Google, like Derek says links are still a key mechanism to getting higher rankings.

However, bear in mind the following: Any keyword that has commercial intent, IE a keyword where it can be inferred that the visitor might buy something, will only be available for traffic purposes if you purchase that keyword. Taking the example of Wendy, that sells Wedding dresses, go to google and type in wedding dresses and you will see that even if you were positioned in #1 for Google Search your actual placements is way down the page after a lot of paid adverts.

That doesn't mean that there are not opportunities, but to rely on free traffic for sales conversions will be probably a very long long road of waiting.

What's worse for the little guys is that that in most areas of online business, there are huge companies buying all the traffic and therefore making the cost-economics of paid channels without a foot in reality.  Meaning that if it were possible to effectively judge the true click cost of a visitor for a wedding dress it might be £3.00 but the market prices it at £50.00. This is something that can be seen especially clearly in Tourism.

If I were looking to promote the wedding business I would make a single page with lots of wedding options and then run PPC to make that page better. That would need a specialist provider to build you those pages and to then convert them. I'm not that person, but you could find one. What you would then do is run PPC to see what the actual cost per conversion is. You might have to spend £150 or £200 to get a person that converts to a lead bu they then go on and buy a dress for £2K.

This is how you can build your business online and I hope you do and it is very successful.

Greetings 🙂



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