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Shipping costs Squarespace Vs. Shipstation

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Can anyone provide me some insight? Today a customer contacted me as she was about to pay for shipping on my site and it was over $25. I went onto Shipstation and using the same exact info as on my site, it was SIGNIFICANTLY less money. I contacted Shipstation and they didn't have an answer stating it was up to the various shipping companies but that didn't answer the issue. I don't want to be gauging customers on shipping and didn't realize there was that much of a cost difference until she pointed it out. Any advice/help would be welcomed.

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I am having the same issue here.  The difference is outrageous sometimes.  Seems like Squarespace is quoting double what the shipping cost is through ShipStation.  My item dimensions and weight are correct.  I read in the help section that all items need to be assigned shipping dimensions and weight, and all of mine have.  I may have to start looking elsewhere to host my shop.

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That makes no sense. Squarespace is offering a connector with Shipstation. To print labels with Shipstation you need to set up an account e.g. Stamps.com. Which gives you much better rates. But you can't offer these rates to your customers, since Squarespace states


"We don’t currently support custom negotiated rates with carriers."

That's what we'll dealing with. I don't have a solution yet. I will look out of an API or work with manually set standards. Even if that would take away the purpose of carrier calculated, and real time shipping costs. But the difference is just to much!

If anybody found out a better solution, I am all ears!

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Yep. I used the calculated rates for USPS Priority Mail only. All other methods are set up with manual rates. Not ideal but it seems like this is a common issue since the Calculated Rates option only provide rates for USPS Priority, Retail Ground & Priority Express.  No option for first class.....  
See photo for how we set ours up.

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 7.10.36 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 7.10.50 PM.png

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