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How do I sync my inventory if any of my product variants are purchased?

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Site URL: https://guppy-lychee-gsyb.squarespace.com/


I'm working on an art website, and the client basically wants to offer an original artwork (only 1 in stock) but with framing options. If framing is selected, price should change. I tried adding an option and creating two variants of the product, but then when I was test purchasing the product, I noticed the variant I have purchased was sold out, but the other variant was still in stock. Obviously both should go out of stock in my case. Is there any way to do this?

Please do let me know if there's any other information you need me to supply you with. Otherwise, the site i'm working on is mentioned in the post.


Cheers and thanks in advance,


Ahmed R

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I'm also looking for a better answer to this. I'm building a website for my mom to sell her jewelry, and for her necklaces, the chains are an add-on that you can buy along with her pendants. What I ended up doing was creating a separate, unlisted product for each chain and linked to it from the appropriate pendant page (saying "this listing is for the pendant only - if you'd also like the chain, click here" and having that take you to a listing for the chain only, but pictured with the pendant again as the chains are curated to each pendant). It's not ideal but it's better than accidentally selling two of a one-of-a-kind pendant or listing the relatively inexpensive chain alongside the expensive pendant and having the listing show the lower price.

I'm definitely interested if anyone has a more streamlined way, to include an 'add-on' type lower priced item directly in the listing without the listing showing the price of that lower item as a "priced from ___" on the main page.

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Has there been an answer to this as yet? This seems to pop up again and again with Squarespace and was a reason why I was going to use Shopify. I still would like to know how to do this for a Squarespace site!

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