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Ecommerce Results not appearing in Google Analytics

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Hi all,

The Google Analytics integration between Squarespace has been working fine for a long time - we get all the relevant user data without issue. Recently we've added an ecommerce offering to our website. I've activated E-Commerce in Settings for the relevant View in Google Analytics but I'm not getting any data on the E-commerce tab. 

The Squarespace support page seems to imply that I won't need to do anything from this end, but am I missing something?


The Google Documentation says:

  • enable Ecommerce in your reports and <---DONE
  • add code to your site/app to collect ecommerce data. To complete this task, you'll need to be comfortable editing HTML and coding in JavaScript, or have help from an experienced web developer. <--- I assume this is handled by Squarespace? Not sure though.



Thanks very much for the help!

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Hi Jamie,

Unfortunately I am on the same boat.  I have even set-up Google Tag Manager but it seems that Analytics cannot get the data once you put an item in the cart.

The url in fact is: https://secure.squarespace.com/checkout?cartToken

The question then for the people at Squarespace is: how can we allow GA to see the cart and the events in the ecommerce? Needless to say, Squarespace analytics are in  my opinion insufficient. 

Thank you for anyone out there who could help! 



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