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Adding a reservation time to a rental product

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I have a potential client who is looking for a site that will allow their customers to rent their kayaks. They have 10 boats available each day, all day, seven days a week. At first I considered using the new Scheduling feature, but I'm unable to create a limited number of products on a daily basis. So perhaps the physical product or service product option in Commerce would be better? I can quite easily create the products, but I would need to somehow set the inventory to only allow 10 rentals in a 24-hour period, and the customers would need to request a date / see product availability on given dates. My client would also like the reservations to sync across internal and external calendars.

Is this a possibility inside of Squarespace, or will we be forced to integrate a 3rd party website into their Squarespace site? 

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I had to reach out to customer support and they walked me through setting up my product, but yes. I was able to use Scheduling to create reservations for all-day kayak rentals.

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