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Selling a Physical Product that comes with a Digital Download (digital product)

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I am looking to bundle a physical product with a digital product on my Squarespace store. Is this possible? I won't be selling the physical product alone, but I would like to sell a digital program that you can purchase with a physical product that is needed to use the program. 

My plan: sell a fitness guide with workout bands. I would need the purchase to send the digital download link, but would also need shipping info to send the physical product. Can I do this?

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Hi FittoFlye, 

Considering what you are trying to achieve here, you may want to consider adding a Product Block with the corresponding digital product under the product additional info

Another option would be using the Related Products feature, which is a premium feature available in the Commerce Basic and Advanced plans.

For any further questions about this setup, you can reach out to the Squarespace Customer Support team, who can offer personalized support anytime.

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Hello! that is helpful but doesn't solve one issue. I do not want to sell the physical product without the digital product. Is there a way to have the digital product cost $0, but not display on my shop? or that it comes to $0 when added to the cart?

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