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Issues with text blocks

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I have some issues with text blocks:

When I add text blocks on my website, I am not able to write inside.
When I choose different types of pages with text blocks, I have the same issue: I cannot write.
I had written some texts on some of my pages but now I cannot see them anymore

Did someone have the same type of issue with text blocks? if yes, how did you solve it ?

thank you

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Hi Nico514, 

From what you are describing it seems this may be an issue related with your browser. For example, there may be a browser extension enabled, that may be interfering with the platform and preventing you to sucessfully edit Text Blocks on your site. With that said, I'd recommend that you perform the basic browser troubleshooting steps outlined in this Squarespace help guide:

Troubleshooting browser issues

If the issues persist after you've performed these steps, please reach to Squarespace Customer Support with more details about the browser and operating system you are using so they can take a closer look into this and assist you further. 

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